初めまして SMILER(スマイラー)です。


Hello to all!

We are SMILER. Our products are created with playful designs which aim to bring "more smiles" into the world.
Our designs are unique, fun, and suitable for everyday use. The 3 Fs we always put into our products are Fun design + Functionality + animal-Friendly (we promise there is no animal parts in any of our products).

All of our products are created by PEI, our designer from the Land of Smiles "THAILAND". We aim to make everyday life more interesting and bring more smiles to people around the world with our products. Stay tuned for what's next :-)

Brand Owner + Designer
筒井ペイ / Tsutsui PEI


Born in Bangkok, PEI came to Japan in 2006 and finished her Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Hitotsubashi University. She fell in love with many fun designs in Japan so she decided to enroll in a Design Institute in Thailand to learn more about design. After getting her diploma in Product Design, she started the brand "SMILER", hoping to bring more smiles into the world with her designs. The brand started in Bangkok but is now based in Tokyo, aiming to bring smiles to people around the world.